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18-04-2015 18:24

Melamine Forever!

Vaatwasser melamine RICE 



























RICE.dk is bekend om het vrolijke melamine servies in alle kleuren van de regenboog, met hippe prints & fijne vormen. Zo zijn er bekers, lunchborden, dinerborden, taartvorkjes, lepels, opscheplepels, botermesjes en opbergdozen. Kortom alles voor een vrolijke tafel. 

Helemaal fijn is dat het melamine van RICE bisphenol-A vrij (BPA-vrij) is en dat het geen weekmakers bevat. Daarnaast zijn de melamine producten van RICE Fair Trade gecertificeerd.

Melamine bekers RICE






















Everyday Magic...

Right here at your table. Printed, solid, striped, flowers, dots, bowls, plates, trays or cups...There is a 12 year old love story behind RICE and melamine.

The Original RICE Quality

The quality of RICE melamine is the highest available and this is of great importance to RICE.The melamine products are approved by DVFA and tested food safe. Bisphenol A and phthalates are not used in the production of melamine products, and therefore RICE melamine does not contain any of these materials.

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You can identify RICE melamine products by the hologram sticker stating this is the Original RICE Quality. So look out for our ‘Original RICE Quality’ sticker to be sure to get the very best quality.

Melamine cutlery RICE.dk

There are only a few precautions you should follow to get the most out of melamine: 
Beker Heart Melamine is not suitable for the microwave.
Aqua beker flower RICE
Melamine can break if exposed to hard shock.
Melamine beker green Flower RICEPlease check for cracks and discard the product if any is found.
latte cup RICEOver time, melamine products can age and obtain a matte finish.
Melamine heart RICEProducts with a very matte finish should be discarded.

Please know...

That the lovely tall (latte) cups are best suitable for great smoothies, fresh juices and funky water. They are only suitable for drinks up to max 70 degrees, so do not use it for boiling water.

Borden melamine RICE
















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